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    Feb 17

    WWLI Presents "From Founding to IPO" with Rachel King, Co-founder and CEO of GlycoMimetics, Inc

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    Mar 8

    Meet and Greet with Frances Craig, Chair & CEO of Unanet

    Learn from one of our area’s software leaders who has seen many changes in her time – she’s grown, she’s downsized, she’s innovated, she’s retooled and reorganized – she’s pretty amazing!

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    Lucille Ball is famed as a comedian and entrepreneur, but did you know that she also has a special place in the history of science fiction?

    The inspiring story of how Lucille Ball saved 'Star Trek'
    02/05/2016 | samantha@wwli.org | 0

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    Why you need more women on your corporate board

    Just one in eight board members across the region are women, according to a new study.
    11/17/2015 | samantha@wwli.org | 0

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    Like Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, WWLI.org Recognizes the Opportunity to Train Women for Board Seats

    Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and Marc Andreessen, are assembling a “boot camp” experience for women navigating the path to a seat on a board of directors. WWLI.org, too, has long seen this need to train women for board seats and is taking action.
    04/10/2015 | jenny@wwli.org | 0

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