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    Dec 9

    WWLI.org Holiday Party at Neyla - Mediterranean Bistro

    Members, sponsors and their guests are invited to an evening of good conversation and merriment at WWLI.org’s holiday gathering!

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    Jan 13

    National Symphony Orchestra: Backstage Tour with Rita Shapiro, Executive Director

    Join members, sponsors, and guests on an exclusive backstage tour with Rita Shapiro & enjoy a performance at the Kennedy Center.

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    Why you need more women on your corporate board

    Just one in eight board members across the region are women, according to a new study.
    11/17/2015 | samantha@wwli.org | 0

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    Laura Lane's Ted Talk

    Watch Laura Lane's talk from TED@UPS
    11/04/2015 | samantha@wwli.org | 0

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    Like Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, WWLI.org Recognizes the Opportunity to Train Women for Board Seats

    Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and Marc Andreessen, are assembling a “boot camp” experience for women navigating the path to a seat on a board of directors. WWLI.org, too, has long seen this need to train women for board seats and is taking action.
    04/10/2015 | jenny@wwli.org | 0

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